The Hearst Building, New York City

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When I was up in NYC I got a very rare tour of the Hearst Building.  I happenned to be walking by and had always wondered if the interior was as striking as the exterior, so I walked in.  The atrium features escalators running through a three story water sculpture titled the IceFal built from thousands of glass panels; the water doesn’t just look pretty it helps cool and add humidity to the lobby.  While I was snapping away at the waterfall one of the buildings security guards approached and offerred to give me a tour through the lobby; I of course went along; what an amazing opportunity.  We took the escalators up to the main the lobby; where there is twelve stories of open space and windows that open to the sky; I could’ve starred out them all night… There is a permanent 70 foot tall fesco painting entitled the Riverlines by artist Richard Long (; he did the piece all by hand and I mean litterally it is made of millions of hand strokes.  There was a photo exhibit in the lobby; the images were of beautiful black and white portraits of times past; that still inspire to this day.  It will be a day that I won’t forget.  I have to say once again “Thank you” to the wonderful security guard.


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