But it only cost $1.99

Minature 1

I’m kind of application obsessed especially with the photography ones.  I just discovered the Tilt-Shift application for the iPhone and it’s wonderful you can make all your photos look like there were taken in a minature world.  What is “Tilt-Shift”, well I have to break it down in two parts: Tilt is used to control the Plane Of Focus, which is the part that makes the focus sharp, Shift is used to change the Line Of Sight while avoiding the convergence of parallel lines (Shift is a movement of the lens); the photographer can have things both near and far in focus at the same time which is great for photographing architecture but with a large aperture and the use of a tilt this will create a shallow Depth of Field and that’s basically what the software is doing by blurring around the image to give the viewer the illusion of a minature world.   With this application you can take new photos or ones that you have saved on your iPhone to achieve this technique.  Nothing will be able to take the place of the quality and beauty of an image captured with the 4×5 View Camera but I think it’s pretty neat to pull my iPhone out take a photo; then press a button and voila!

Here is more info on the application:


And if you don’t have an iPhone never fear you can do a little “Miniature Faking” in Photoshop and achieve the same affects.  Or if your iTunes is locked… (like mine should be, .99 adds up quickly).


I have to ask…  What did I do before my iPhone?


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